Mat Ewins – Danger Money 2022

Set Up

Sharing a venue with Mat, who was on directly after Paul Currie’s show this year, I ended up helping him in the turnaround between his show & Paul’s – setting up his tech-heavy show Danger Money; dual screens, projection, an excercise bike, smoke machine, and all sorts of other stuff…

Described by Bruce Dessau as;

His stage show also includes live pilot for a TV game show which involves all sorts of fun, from audience members pedalling furiously to control video games to audience members, erm, drinking beer furiously to control video games. It might sound stupid (and it is) but there’s also a lot more going on here, almost too much to take in on one viewing, particularly if you have to look down to take notes, with Ewins joined by a robot sidekick and also himself on the video screens above the stage dropping in sarky comments about members of the audience.

If somebody else is controlling these comments from the tech desk they deserve a credit for their lightning reactions in choosing the right pre-recorded put-down. If it’s Ewins controlling them while performing he deserves even more credit than he already gets here. It’s controlled chaos done perfectly. Zany genius.

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