Hello. Welcome to my stupidly named website.

Welcome to my stupidly named website*.

I’m an independent Tour Manager and Web Designer.
I do other things too. Audio Recordings, Show Tech, Tour Manager, Floor Manager, Stage Manager, that sort of thing.

I largely work within the comedy world, though not exclusively.
You can see a web portfolio, and a full CV of work from the past few years on these pages, as well as a list of recordings I’ve made, and a few other things that don’t really fit anywhere else.

This site is supposed to be a portfolio for my work, but as I find it a little hard to define a specific job title, it’s stripped over the above sections.

I’ve built websites for several comedians, and other people & have tour managed several large scale UK standup tours.
I’ve operated shows across the Edinburgh Fringe every year since 2007, worked on West End London runs & at the Adelaide Fringe. I’ve also worked on broadcast recordings, DVD recordings & podcast recordings as well as other projects.

Click around if you’d like to find out more, or drop me a line here.