Evie King: Ashes To Admin 2023

Sound Recording / Editing

I recorded and edited an audiobook version of Evie King’s celebrated memoir, Ashes To Admin, detailing her work as a Section 26 Officer for her local council, as well as a conversation with her & Stewart Lee to accompany the audiobook release.

“‘I’ve a body out the back for you…’ Imagine having that sentence said to you. And then imagine it actually being pertinent. Welcome to Evie King’s world.

What happens if you die without family or money? The answer to this very three-in-the-morning question is that Evie, or someone like her, will step in and arrange your funeral.

Evie is a local council worker charged with carrying out Section 46 funerals under the Public Health Act. Or to put it in less cold, legislative language; funerals for those with nobody around, willing or able to bury or cremate them.

Ashes to Admin lifts the coffin lid on some moving and unexpected personal life stories. Sometimes tragic, as with the case of an unidentified woman found on a beach buried without even a name, but often uplifting and occasionally hilarious.

Ultimately, Evie discovers that her job is more about life than it is about death, funerals being for the living and death being merely a trigger to rediscover a life and celebrate it against the odds.

This audiobook also includes the special bonus content: ‘A Blustery Conversation with Evie King & Stewart Lee.'”

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