THAT Podcast 2021

Audio Recording / Editing

Throughout the third lockdown, I recorded several interviews with episode hosts Remona Aly, Desiree Burch, Sophie Duker and Nish Kumar online.

I also edited them – and others – for That Podcast – an ambitious collaboration between Storyglass and ETT featuring more than 70 writers, comedians, spoken word artists, scientists, journalists, musicians, and people from all walks of life, who tell tales of the extraordinary and the everyday, in an attempt to make sense of the world we now find ourselves living in.

That Podcast is a co-production between Storyglass and ETT. Executive Producers: Robert Delamere & Richard Twyman, Commissioning Editor: Jennifer Bakst, Producers: Andrew Hughes & Sarah Jane Murray, Series Producer: Ben Walker.

Episode 1.1 - Sophie Duker

Episode 1.2 - Sophie Duker

Episode 2.1 - Desiree Burch

Episode 2.2 - Desiree Burch

Episode 3.1 - Chris McCausland

Episode 3.2 - Chris McCausland

Episode 4.1 - Nish Kumar

Episode 4.2 - Nish Kumar

Episode 5.1 - Terry Gilliam

Episode 5.2 - Terry Gilliam

Episode 6.1 - Remona Aly

Episode 6.2 - Remona Aly

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