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THAT Podcast 2021

Throughout the third lockdown, I recorded several interviews with episode hosts Remona Aly, Desiree Burch, Sophie Duker and Nish Kumar online I also edited them - and others - for That Podcast - an ambitious collaboration between Storyglass and...

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THAT Podcast

Richard Herring – RHLSTP (Tour & Edinburgh) 2019

I worked as tour manager & sound recordist for Richard's touring version of his hit podcast We'd record 2 shows in each sitting (yes) and shows I worked on visited Brighton, York, Salford, Leeds, Exeter & many more, and featured...

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Richard Herring – RHLSTP (Tour & Edinburgh)

Richard Herring – RHLSTP 2019

I tour managed this tour of Richard's podcast, as well as recording all the audio for his interviews We did the show across the UK & at The Edinburgh Fringe For the tour, most of the shows were filmed - as well as audio - but the Edinburgh...

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Richard Herring – RHLSTP

Richard Herring: Me1 vs Me2 2016

Richard Herring has been playing himself at snooker, self-commentating on it & releasing it as a podcast since December 2011 In July 2016 he put on a live performance at the Tempting Failure Festival in Stoke Newington & GoFasterStripe...

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Richard Herring: Me1 vs Me2