John-Luke Roberts – Look On My Works Ye Mighty And Despair! (all in caps) 2017

Show Tech

An attempt to make a truly significant show.

An hour of absurdist multi character comedy, all performed by Medieval Poet Geoffrey Chaucer.

A portent of death, an Australian man called Doop, a giant floating head from space and an infinite number of Britneys.

After having to skip a year of Luke’s shows in Edinburgh (because the timings clashed with James Acaster), I was back for his first show at The Monkey Barrel, which involved a lot of sound cues, throwing hats at him & having to wear a Britney Spears wig. All business as usual.

It would later be filmed by Go Faster Stripe in Cardiff (you can get it here) though I was busy on the Content Provider tour, so wasn’t able to work on the recording.

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