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Bridget Christie – Who Am I? 2021


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Bridget Christie – Who Am I?

Paul Currie – Teet 2021


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Paul Currie – Teet

Ange Lavoipierre – Final Form 2019

I met Ange in Australia during the 2019 Adelaide Fringe She first performed her show, 'Final Form' there, which I operated as part of the programme at the Ferguson Room at the National Wine Centre When she knew she was bringing it over to the...

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Ange Lavoipierre – Final Form

Paul Currie – Trufficle Musk 2019

I'd met Paul during previous fringes & nearly ended up covering some London dates for one of his previous shows This year, the timings all worked out, and I was able to run Trufficle Musk for him Prior to the Fringe, I went over to his...

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Paul Currie – Trufficle Musk

Paul Putner’s Embarrasment 2019

I helped Paul Putner prepare this show - an ode to his beloved Madness - over the course of a few London dates in the summer of 2019 - running up to the Edinburgh Fringe Though I didn't operate the show once we got to Edinburgh, I helped him set...

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Paul Putner’s Embarrasment

Adelaide Fringe 2019

In Feb / March 2019, I operated all shows in the Ferguson Room at Adelaide's National Wine Centre for the Adelaide Fringe Run by Disco Turtle Productions, the venue hosted several shows across the month by acts such as; Clare Cavanagh, Lisa Skye,...

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Adelaide Fringe

Pete Firman – Marvels 2018

I worked with Pete for the first time on his 2018 Edinburgh show Helping him set up & pack down some of his magic tricks, and running a big screen & sound cues Amongst other things, throughout the show, we used a live camera which...

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Pete Firman – Marvels

Henning Wehn – Get On With It. 2018

Returning to Just The Tonic's main cave to prepare what would become his next touring show, I teched this show for Henning through the 2018 Edinburgh...

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Henning Wehn – Get On With It.

Tony Law – A Lost Show 2018

I operated this show for Tony through the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe, and again at the Soho Theatre, London thoe following November You can see a trailer for it here (which I recorded and edited on a very basic camera at the back of the room in...

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Tony Law – A Lost Show