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Ange Lavoipierre – Your Mother Chucks Rocks And Shells 2023

It’s been a long day/year/century, but you just can’t sleep Your Mother Chucks Rocks And Shells is an absurd sketch show set in the liminal space between screen-lit insomnia and bad dreams, from award-winning comedian Ange Lavoipierre (triple j,...

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Ange Lavoipierre – Your Mother Chucks Rocks And Shells

Ange Lavoipierre – Final Form 2019

I met Ange in Australia during the 2019 Adelaide Fringe She first performed her show, 'Final Form' there, which I operated as part of the programme at the Ferguson Room at the National Wine Centre When she knew she was bringing it over to the...

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Ange Lavoipierre – Final Form

Adelaide Fringe 2019

In Feb / March 2019, I operated all shows in the Ferguson Room at Adelaide's National Wine Centre for the Adelaide Fringe Run by Disco Turtle Productions, the venue hosted several shows across the month by acts such as; Clare Cavanagh, Lisa Skye,...

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Adelaide Fringe