Tom Goodliffe – All In Good Time 2012

Show Tech

Back for another year with Tom, this time at the Tron Basement, Edinburgh. Here’s Tom’s show blurb;

Tom Goodliffe, the self-proclaimed big, friendly nerd, is back with a brand new show all about time.
But just what is time? It’s a question that has puzzled the world’s foremost thinkers…Einstein, Newton, Galileo, Plato, Aristotle… and now Goodliffe! In this smart, silly, somewhat science-y stand-up show, Tom fuses facts and funnies, covering everything from the 10,000 year clock to the 10 minute freeview.
Tom will take you on a whistlestop tour through physics, evolution, human nature, timekeeping and cleaning out the fridge. It’s fifty minutes about the stuff life is made of.

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