Josie Long’s Lost Treasures Of The Black Heart 2011 - 2017

Show Tech / Audio Recording

Josie Long’s Lost Treasures Of The Black Heart club was a monthly standup show held at Camden’s Black Heart pub between 2011 & 2017.

Josie asked if I’d record some of the shows with a view to releasing them as a podcast. In the end I ended up co-running the gig with her until The Black Heart announced that they no longer had room for us amongst their live music nights in 2017.

We managed to release a bunch of the recordings that we made at the club, but it was always dependant on Josie making edits, which she didn’t always get around to! So we only ended up releasing about 2 years worth of shows.

Regular act Nathaniel Metcalfe, Josie & I would run the gig every month – more or less – until July 2017. Loads of people came & performed there, including Robin Ince, Sara Pascoe, Isy Suttie, Joe Lycett, Nell Frizzell, Stewart Lee, Hatty Ashdown, Martin Crozer, Chris Coltrane, Eleanor Morton, Ben Partridge, David Trent, Nish Kumar, Ed Aczel, John-Luke Roberts, and many more.

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