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Paul Putner’s Embarrasment 2019

I helped Paul Putner prepare this show - an ode to his beloved Madness - over the course of a few London dates in the summer of 2019 - running up to the Edinburgh Fringe Though I didn't operate the show once we got to Edinburgh, I helped him set...

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Paul Putner’s Embarrasment

Richard Herring – RHLSTP 2019

I tour managed this tour of Richard's podcast, as well as recording all the audio for his interviews We did the show across the UK & at The Edinburgh Fringe For the tour, most of the shows were filmed - as well as audio - but the Edinburgh...

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Richard Herring – RHLSTP

Mark Thomas – Check Up: Our NHS @ 70 Filming 2019

Recorded at Wakefield's Theatre Royal, I taped sound for GoFasterStripe's production of Mark Thomas' 'Check Up: Our NHS @ 70' show, an important look into the current state of our NHS...

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Mark Thomas – Check Up: Our NHS @ 70 Filming

Comedy Central Live 2018

A week of filming comedy specials for Comedy Central, featuring the likes of Sofie Hagen, Iain Stirling, Luisa Omielan, Fin Taylor, Darren Herriot, and...

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Comedy Central Live

Tony Law – A Lost Show 2018

I operated this show for Tony through the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe, and again at the Soho Theatre, London, the following November You can see a trailer for it here (which I recorded and edited on a very basic camera at the back of the room in...

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Tony Law – A Lost Show

An Evening With The Goodies 2018

I was floor manager for this recording of 'An Evening With The Goodies' Network were releasing a DVD set of their entire BBC catalogue, and this 'in conversation' with Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden & Bill Oddie was recorded as a DVD extra for...

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An Evening With The Goodies

Bridget Christie – What Now? 2018

What Now was the first show that Bridget hadn't worked up at the Edinburgh fringe (instead, she had worked it up around the clubs of North London) We toured Bridget's show across the UK & Ireland from March to December...

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Bridget Christie – What Now?

Tiernan Douieb – Miserably Happy Filming 2017

A third self-produced recording for Tiernan Douieb Recorded this time at 2Northdown, King's Cross (the former Invisible Dot), I was back for sound recording once...

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Tiernan Douieb – Miserably Happy Filming

The Tony Law Tapes 2017

Recorded live in front of an audience, John-Luke Roberts interviewed Tony Law about his experiences as a time traveller in this short lived series of podcasts from 2017 I recorded all the shows, in London and on top of a bus at the Edinburgh...

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The Tony Law Tapes

David Trent – Here’s Your Future 2017

Back for David's 4th Solo show, this time at Just The Tonic's caves This year, he looked at the world’s most disturbing kids animation, smart forks and mattresses, virtual bedtimes, robosex, gay cakes, international hummus day and the European...

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David Trent – Here’s Your Future