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Tony Law – A Lost Show 2018

I operated this show for Tony through the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe, and again at the Soho Theatre, London thoe following November You can see a trailer for it here (which I recorded and edited on a very basic camera at the back of the room in...

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Tony Law – A Lost Show

John-Luke Roberts – Stdad Up 2015

The “Dead Dad Show” has become a bit of a stand-up comedy trope “Stdad-Up” is John-Luke Roberts’ attempt at that How do you make a show about your recently deceased father, when you didn’t like him much Probably not by...

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John-Luke Roberts – Stdad Up

John-Luke Roberts – Stnad Up 2014

This year's offering from J-L R was a breakup show which refused to admit it was a breakup show John-Luke Roberts works his way through the collapse of his long term relationship but pretends it’s just a stupid comedy show There’s a...

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John-Luke Roberts – Stnad Up

David Trent – Spontaneous Comedian 2012

David's debut solo show ran every night at the Pleasance Courtyard through August 2012, and saw him nominated for Best Newcomer at the Awards that year In possibly the hottest room on the fringe - Pleasance Attic -  I helped set up all his...

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David Trent – Spontaneous Comedian

Bridget Christie – War Donkey 2012

My first show with Bridget was her last (to date) that was particularly prop-heavy Arriving in a sea of fog, dressed as 'Jason The War Donkey', she started the show to a recording of Newsnight's Gavin Esler (which I helped record in the run-up to...

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Bridget Christie – War Donkey